Early Run-Through with Three U.S. Divisions

I set up the US league as spring to fall. Seems more likely than fall to spring, although the latter would be possible in this fictitious nation where soccer is the most popular sport.

Left to do:

  • Add 4th division and non-league teams.
  • Differentiate the teams’ ratings in various categories, such as Reputation and tactical tendencies. I want both Tony Pulis and Pep Guardiola type managers.
  • Differentiate colors and kit schemes.
  • Create US Open Cup and others. Concacaf is automatically present because it involves the rest of North America. I may see if I can expand the number of qualifying teams. I want a more vibrant North American region generally.

Results in Trial Run

In this run through we see that a top-tier Las Angeles team (oops) defeated Real Esteli but fell to Club América, one of the big Mexico City teams. The only U.S. team in the semifinal was Seattle Pilots, who were eliminated by Club América 5-0. Monterrey then defeated América 3-1 in the final. In World Cup 2022 qualifying, the US is making its way easily.

The results don’t mean anything. This run through was to make sure the data file generated realistic results.

In addition to a U.S. Open Cup that matters, there will be 8 regional cups such as Northeast, Great Plains, Southwest, etc. This should create some cup “magic” with clubs from the big cities having to play clubs in small ones.

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